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Systematic. Evidence-based.


With 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, I understand the confusion people have about how to pay for financial advice.
I am replacing the confusion with transparency. I want you to feel that you are getting the best service for the best value. I never charge commissions on product sales, so you can feel confident that you are receiving objective, fiduciary advice that is defined in my Fiduciary Oath.


Financial Plan: $2,700 – paid in equal installments

WHAT WE DO: Over the course of the engagement, this plan gives us the flexibility to work together to create a roadmap for your financial future.

WHO I CAN HELP: People with financial needs that may include running a business(es), with multiple investment accounts, variable income streams and numerous long- and short-term goals.

Research confirms that having a well-thought out and defined financial plan increases the likelihood of long-term success.


  • 6 to 7 meetings (in-person and/or virtual)
  • Unlimited ability to ask questions about your financial needs
  • Follow-up

Ongoing Financial Planning: Starting at $250/hr billed in 10 minute increments

Following the initial year, billing will occur on an as-needed basis. I am available once a year for a checkup, every couple of years, or when your circumstances warrant a discussion. I am committed to your financial success and will remain by your side when life happens and important financial decisions need to be made.

For individual projects, including benefit questions, investment decisions or budgeting, please contact me for an estimate. Rates begin at $250 per hour.

If you have accumulated substantial assets or could benefit from ongoing planning advice, we can arrange a monthly retainer or asset fee once the initial plan is completed.


STEP 1 | Initial Inquiry

We will determine if my services fit your needs and I will provide you with a calendar of steps. Transparency is key. I will cover how each step works in detail.

STEP 2 | Organization Meeting

Gather and organize all of your financial data and introduce you to the planning resources that we will use throughout the financial planning process. I will introduce you to wealth building assessment tools, which will help us build a plan tailored to your unique situation.

STEP 3 | Current Review Meeting

We will review and discuss the wealth building assessment you completed. I will provide you with a complete snapshot of your current financial situation, including a net worth statement, cash flow and budgeting report and insurance needs analysis (we do not sell insurance, but recommend to our clients appropriate coverage based on their financial situation). Finally, we will discuss your life plans in preparation for the goals meeting.

STEP 4 | Goals Meeting

This meeting is all about you and your financial life. We will discuss details about your short- and long-term financial goals, and your future priorities. To provide you time to clearly define your goals, we may split this into two meetings.

STEP 5 | Financial Plan Presentation and Investment Recommendations

We discuss all aspects of your financial plan and make recommendations on how to move forward. If applicable, I will present an Investment Policy Statement that will detail how to invest your assets, including your 401k and college savings accounts.

STEP 6 | Monitoring and Check-Up

Since financial plans are dynamic, we recommend follow-up regarding our recommendations and any changing circumstances, which is handled on an as-needed basis for one year from the start of the engagement.


In my years of experience, I have seen hundreds of different investment strategies with varying degrees of success. My evidence-based approach is grounded in peer-reviewed research studies, long-term market history and patience. A more detailed explanation of my approach and how it differs from traditional, active investing can be found here.

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