During my 20+ years in the financial services industry, I have witnessed the damage cause by bad advice and unrealistic expectations.

My job is to help you avoid common pitfalls and meet your financial goals.

About me.

My wife and I live on a 200-year-old working farm in the small town of Bolton, Massachusetts.

In our free time we try to grow things, work on all the projects that come with owning a historic home and barn, and keep our three labs and Guinea Hens (think a cross between a chicken and turkey) happy and healthy. My wife likes to ride horses and I enjoy running, history and cooking.

I began my work in the financial services industry in 1996 as a financial advisor, shortly after receiving a degree in Economics from Clemson University. I worked with families and businesses to assist them in managing their wealth and navigating the dot-com and tech booms. In 2001, I accepted an opportunity to move to a boutique investment firm that managed alternative investments and hedge funds. This gave me valuable exposure to the ways that successful institutions managed investments and comprehensive experience into portfolio management and risk. In 2008, I followed my passion for helping families and small businesses and began Yellow Dog Financial.

I hold the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® distinction, which is focused on fiduciary standards and practices in the investment field.

My 24 years as a committed financial advisor have given me the experience to guide my clients with confidence and credibility.

Who I work with.

My clients are established career professionals who are looking to plan for the next stage of their life. For some that is a traditional retirement. For others it is that next act that they have always dreamed about.

People who have been successful climbing the professional ladder and now wish to plan for their financial future. Those that have a good salary, bonus, stock options, and multiple investment accounts but know they need a coordinated plan for their financial resources. 

I understand the unique financial planning needs of a career professional from years of working with those types of clients, and managing my family’s financial situation. I will help you navigate tax management, cash flow budgeting, maximizing company benefits and coordination of all of your assets. For those nearing retirement this includes detailed Social Security planning.

As a financial advisor, I will always have your financial needs and goals at the forefront of my work. You can have confidence that your financial future is in trustworthy hands.

I will take you down the financial path that you have been looking for.

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